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So today is the official 1 year ago of being laid up with ITP.  Do I miss being stuck 3-5 times a week?  Nope.  

Dice fell the right way for me.

peace and platelet grease
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Originally uploaded by mtwillman
I really enjoyed the little concert the Loiderman Choral Group did at White Flint yesterday. I knew Sam was tired but I hadn't realized here eyes were completely glazed over. Definitely going for the 'Sean of the Dead' look, but very regal.
The Loiderman MS Choral program is amazing. Having watched the State competition last year, I was very impressed. And this year is just as excellent. There is no bias here. I am a scientist, I can speak objectively. I can also speak in a high squeaky voice....

peace and aria grease
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Team Greykell...ummm....I should say Procrastination....strikes again!!!!

No really, since anyone who reads this post is probably on Team Grey...Pro...Kell...crastination, I wanted to do a last flurry of fund raising. 

I still do have an ACTUAL and for-realz MS Society Web page-


I wanted to float this out to all my friends who may not be on Team Greykell to help me out so I can walk this year.   This has been a rough year for everyone and I know money is tough.  I also know a small donation came make a big difference over all my friends which can put the end in sight! 

Everyone needs to hear the message!  If you have MS, you already know how bad it is.  If you don't have MS, I can bet you know or have been touched by someone who has.  The secret is to not be silent!  You must be heard, let the researchers, the politicians and the world know we want to end Multiple Sclerosis.

BE LOUD! BE HEARD! Be supportive

John Buckley

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I enjoy the fact that my old account gets a certain amount of spam, but it is the way of all the old email addresses. My favorite by far is the quality phishing mail that shows up. Some are devious, others like the one below need to go back to ENGL 101 and do that sentence construction stuff. Mind you I are a turriblull writor, one of the reasons I stay away from scientific publications, but even I think the grammar here is BAD..

Please dont follow the hyper link, I am sure nothing good can come from it.

>When we carry out a routine check when the account, we have evidence to show that your account has >been involved in the disputed transactions.
>So we have to inform you visit our website ( http: // www. worldofwarvcrft. com ) fill out some >information to facilitate our investigation.
>If you can not tie in with our soon we will have to temporarily lock your account.
>Blizzard, Inc.
>Copyright @ 2010 Blizzard, Inc. All rights reserved.

Since I haven't played WoW in months it is funny when any of this stuff comes in.

peace and wow grease
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I am so lame. I was Featured User again over at Red vs Blue and I missed it completely.

OK instead of laying out the Belushi monologue of "Its not my Fault", I will tell you I have been busier than a one legged man at a soccer match (wow! how sensitive is that?!).

I have been building a theater set for a play called "Die, Mommie, Die" by Charles Busch at Silver Spring Stage. Its a fairly simple set except for 2 things:

1) The main focal point of the play is a set of stairs the the main character likes to be 'Dramatic' upon (ala Scarlet O'Hara or any of the long grand stair entrances). Nice idea. Now imagine trying to build a stair case in a theater that has a ceiling of 8 and one half feet. Not so much a stair CASE and a stair...singular. I have worked it out to make a curved set of 3 stairs. I told the Director he wasn't allowed to cast anyone 6' 6"...So he cast 2 people...one 6'5" and the other 6'4" I told him I would not pay for band aids from all the bumped heads.


2) Building a set requires a certain need to actually be able to get to the stage to build the damn thing. That was next too impossible with the blizzard convergence we had a few weeks ago here in Washington DC. Oh the laughter we had...


I say laughter, but it was much more like that scene with Jack Nicholson in "The Shining". The fact that I was carrying an axe, and I did say "Here's JOHNNY!" did not reinforce that. Everyone else in the metro area was in full on stir crazy mode!

But we are almost caught up, I need to lay out some carpet and fix a door or 2 and the construction part is done.

Speaking of Crazy, here is my opinion of snow at the moment:

IMG00805IMG00072 00000

I say crazy also because this weekend "The Crazies" opens. It is a reinterpretation of the George Romero '70's film. I don't know anything much about the film...except that IF there is a flamethrower in the movie...it is the same one as I have pictured. Its funny when you sit around a Christmas party and someone says "what I really need is to find someone with a flamethrower..." and its even funnier to actually have a picture of one on your blackberry and be able to say "You mean like this!" So yes I introduced the special effect guy from the movie to an acquaintance that happens to have a flamethrower.

I might want to see the whole original before seeing the new one...but then again I might never get the time.

peace and napalm grease
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Posted from www.grumpygecko.com

It must be bad if I am getting around to posting on the site here.

I do have ideas for the site but moving them from thoughts to reality is not easy for me. I am trying to straighten out my rather cluttered life and help Garrett with the same thing. So this site could be used for GOOD or it could be EVIL!

Luckily I have my bud Mollie up here from Durham and she is helping to get the house in a working order. Which is good because we are pretty well stuck in here.

So if you have ever seen my one whole Youtube post of Star Wars Droids meets Indiana Jones you may know that Garrett has more than a little fascination with 2 things - Star Wars and Legos. (note there are other things but these events are present but next to impossible OR observe. We are applying for a grant at CERN to see if we can slow him down enough to watch)

So with that at some point I will do more because he wants to know how to make them. But as soon as the legos come out...it becomes a lot of running in circles and explosion noises and "Daddy! Look at this! Indiana Jones now has clone trooper legs and he cut the head off of Jar Jar". I will admit a certain kinship to that, or a good burning. But I digress.

So A certain section may become dedicated to Stop Motion and Lego Stop Motion. If I can get the goods away from Garrett.

Also I would like to dedicate a certain amount of this site to my other life a a Teaching assistant at Montgomery Community Television, also known as AMTV19 and AMTV 21. I really want to pump the website to get more traffic its way. It is really a hidden gem. I say that because my friend Cliff is now getting it into a work piece that.

But I teach the Studio there and I think in a long drawn out way I feel like having a site, blog, tube, that explains it to me and everyone else may be a check in the good column. Now of course, at first, this will be a summary of the Access Montgomery studio control room. That is my focus. I also do sets and lights but that is much more theory for a web tube.

But who knows maybe someday when the snow melts I will be bored again and do something about all this.

peace and lego grease

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Come on...you know you at least thought about it, and that is a sin of ommision.

peace and Medallion grease
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For all those folks that haven't seen it. This is the way Cthulu is gonna make it back. Kids stories.

Yog so toth

peace and Black Ram of The Forest With A Thousand Ewe grease
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So I wanted to post this up for people that haven't seen it. Its an amazingly good make-up job done by Make-up Arts Cosmetics or MAC Cosmetics.

It was touted as a Halloween costume here, but was really a project based on the work of Roy Lichtenstein.


and the end result was...


Life imitating art...what is next man bites dog?

peace through "Whamm" grease
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Want to wish Samma a happy 12th. I feel old today but wouldnt have it any other way...ok minus the blown L4-L5.

peace and Birthday Grease
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